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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


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“[...] It’s like I’m a bitch magnet.” Go figure.
Gopal V

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welcome to the other side boys ;)

oooh.. wisdom of ages you pass on must

btw... Dont you think its incidental that working for x years seems to cause similar issues among all of us. Maybe its just that we take things for granted and then expect bigger things each year. Maybe it doesnt work that way! Hmmm.. just a thought!

Just about my thoughts.
But then if theres no expectation for bigger things, then life is boring.

I think its exactly the other way round. After every passing year, the expectations from you increase and if you do the same as last year.. its just not good enough for them.

I know for the fact that many people got really bad reviews on the years they worked the best or even how sys admins never get any company awards coz they do all the grunt work and people in the front end product teams get all the fame.

Dude! that's my dialog life.

Usage of Aero India 2007 Photos of yours in Wikipedia.

Hello Premshree,

== Question ==

Request the usage of Aero India photos taken by you in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org/) is a free encyclopedia that is
collaboratively edited by volunteers from around the world. Our goal is to
create a comprehensive knowledge base that may be freely distributed and
available at no charge.

Normally we ask permission for material to be used under the terms of the
Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/). This
means that although you retain the copyright and authorship of your own work,
you are granting permission for all others (not just Wikipedia) to use, copy,
and share your materials freely -- and even potentially use them commercially
-- so long as they do not try to claim the copyright themselves, nor prevent
others from using or copying them freely.

This license expressly protects creators from being considered responsible for
modifications made by others, while ensuring that creators are credited for
their work. There is more information on our copyright policy at:

We choose the Creative Commons licence because we consider it the best
available tool for ensuring our encyclopedia can remain free for all to use,
while providing credit to everyone who donates text and images. This may or
may not be compatible with your goals in creating the materials available on
your website. Please be assured that if permission is not granted, your
materials will not be used at Wikipedia -- we have a very strict policy
against copyright violations.

With your permission, we will credit you for your work in the image's
permanent description page, noting that it is your work and is used with your
permission, and we will provide a link back to your website.

We invite your collaboration in writing and editing articles on this subject
and any others that might interest you. Please see the following article for
more information:

Thank you for your time.

Chanakyathegreat @ Wikipedia.org
Chanakya_thegreat @ flickr.com

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