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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


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it served me well

These days I use my company-issued MacBook Pro. It's amazing how small my 12" Powerbook seems in comparison. Sadly, it's no longer in an usable state. I'd still want to get a 12" (or smaller) MacBook Pro (if they ever make one): it's so easy to carry around.

FWIW, now I have more sticker space. :-)

Oh, here’s an useful post for you geek fashion n00bs (gosh, it almost feels retarded saying that) on how to (and how not to) accessorize the ultimate geek fashion accessory.

(Whee, fourth post already!)

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Where did you get those stickers?? (except the yahoo related ones I mean) :)

My brother got those — I think from extraverage.

I wouldn't dare stick anything on our company T61's (Thinkpad)! Apart from maybe an SAP IT help desk sticker!Which it comes with anyway...
And yeah I have a Dell. It's not cheap in India!It was one of the best a year ago..according to Geeks in AOL, Infy and Thoughtworks.

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