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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


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I have a selection of my photos that I file under personal favs, but if I had to pick one that I absolutely love, it has to be this:

For the technically inclined, it's not as sharp as one would like it. But I think it turned out fine as it is. This was shot on Fujichrome Sensia 100 on my (now broken) Nikon FM10. As to why this seems square-cropped when it's shot on 35mm film: this was the last exposure on the roll, and it got only partially exposed; so it was not cropped, really. (Aside: when I gave this roll for development, this last frame wasn't scanned -- the guy probably assumed it was a "bad" exposure -- so I went again to get this one frame scanned. I'm glad I did.)

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(Deleted comment)

> Don't worry, bigots are everywhere :)

heh. :-)

Why haven't you been posting on Flickr? Or do you have a gallery some place else now?

Beautiful. Gimp sharpening will make it kickass!

I think I like it as is. :-)

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