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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


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Enough already about that piece of shit you so fondly call R-oh-R, fucking dweebs.


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Oh? What are you into these days?

I was never doing Rails. And I still love Ruby.

That's because a couple of times when I talked about Ruby, I was asked to talk about Rails. I shouldn't have caved in.

Stained forever man... premshree teri ruby maili ho gayi.

Coming on the weekend?

Next weekend maybe -- you'll still be around, yeah?

yay!I know what that stands for *smirk*

You don't like Ruby on Rails. How man? It is my bread n butter these days. :-)

I never liked it. But, of course, I have always loved Ruby (and still do).

RoR ==> Rate of returns :-/

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