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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


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Yahoo! Live is live, baby!

Some of you know that I've been working on Yahoo! Live. I was so busy with trying to get some fixes and generally work on some of the boxens that I have had absolutely no time to blog about it — I mean, I built this dope! I'm at hour number 45 (and finally home) or so right now (I took a nap some three hours ago, though). Things are looking pretty stable now and we are doing our best to iron out any kinks as best as we can.

I hate to say this (because it almost seems like an excuse), but Live *is* a limited capacity release and it *is* possible that we will reach our limits. (Note: we hit our limits pretty quick with all the rush last night, but Keith and I optimized and fixed some of the issues that caused us to run out of capacity.) Major props to those of you helped us (and are continuing to do so): Pankaj Kaushal, Raj Shekhar, Jay Janssen, Rasmus Lerdorf. I must be missing someone, but I'm just too doped out right now — sorry.

We had been doing internal tests of Live for a while before we went, umm, live, and it was pretty easy to tell that this was going to make it big. And it did. We're all absolutely psyched about this — it's been a while since we've all heard of a "wow" product.

Obama rally on Y! Live
Obama rally on Yahoo! Live

Live was built by an incredibly small team — part of the Advanced Products team based out of Brickhouse in San Francisco — in like six months. See the official post here, with a video hosted by JT The Bigga Figga.

There's a bunch of stuff we want to work on. And, of course, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Leave any comments/suggestions here or on the official blog.

I think I deserve some sleep now. :-) Night y'all!

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The site is total WOW! I am checking it out right.

Tried to create a channel and it threw this error.

The channel you chose could could not be created. Please try again."

There are two "could"s in the error message. Thought I'll let you know so that you can fix it.

The product is kick-ass. I am trying to create a channel for JMJ :-)

Thanks for pointing that out.

I'm just so glad our streaming servers are holding up -- I had my eyes on them all the time. And generally, things are looking good now. :-)

what channel name were you using, btw? Tried another name?

it's addictive.. great work! this is the shit!!

We just built the greatest timesink! ;-)

It is absolutely the most brilliant thing thats come out in a while I think!

Congrats, dude! Awesome stuff!

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