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Champagne, beer and some servers -- Yahoo! Live launch day madness

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you do realise that there are easier ways to monitor a large group of servers, right?

Duh! There were other things I needed to look at in *real-time*.

top isn't really real time

Whatever it is, it's more real-time (whatever that means) than nagios, and helped me with what I was debugging.

Top doesnt help - you are not going to be staring at the screen looking at 10 different windows trying to see if anyone of them went over 80% cpu in real time. Write a script, get a pager and go to sleep.

Gosh, why don't you guys believe me that it helped?! This was *launch day*.

Like the entire setup, looks cozy.


(Deleted comment)
I think it was standard issue Moët.


Dude are you B-Polar. I think you are.

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