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This time around in The City

Was in New York couple of weeks ago to meet friends, etc. Sometimes I feel like I should just move there, but I don't want to work for Yahoo! in that case. (That'd be like working for PWC in San Francisco.) Oh well, we'll see.

New York City Dusk

This was shot from the top of the Rockefeller Center (or Top of the Rock). I highly recommend it if you want fantastic views of the New York City skyline. Views from the Empire State are nice, but not as good as the Rock; also, there is practically *no* line to get on top; and, of course, you actually get to see the Empire State. :-)

More pictures here.

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Wow. I hope I don't have to ever go there! :p

(Deleted comment)
Can I use your photos to make prints... ( not for sale, my own use..)
Let me know !

BTW, it's one of the brilliant shots from you !

As long as it's for personal use, go for it!

And thanks. :-)

Hey Premshree .. how r u man? What are you upto these days? I was searching for something and ur name popped up. So I thought of paying u a visit.

By the way, it doesn't look like u r maintaining either of qiksearch or your .org site. And coming to India anytime soon?

-- Abhijeet.

Thanks for droppin' by. :-) Yeah, I long gave up maintaining qiksearch and Will come to India maybe Jul. Will see.

Beautiful Photos

I have never been to New York City and your breathtaking photos you have on your blog are totally awesome. For the life of me I can not imagine living in a place where so many people live, looks crowded byt what a beautiful skyline. Breathtaking. God Bless - Rev. Jim Wilson

Fab pic, and an even lovelier photographer.

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