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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


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Or, “dude, when did you shit?”

I had hoped that my journal would answer more of that. Well, it doesn’t. But when I feel I need to, I should. I’m in Bangalore, which means the last few days have been my last few in Mumbai—well, for some time, at least, actually. Lots of food, and booze happened (notice that the “lots” doesn’t apply to the booze)—apart, of course, from the work (which, by now, had lessened) and The Book.

Café Mondegar (pic: Charles)
(Last) Saturday saw charlesj, eddd, pickmybrains (Sanjay), vighy and myself having mostly food, and booze in and outside town. I don’t have to elaborate much on the stuff we did; however, there’s one thing I have to mention: apart from Sidewok, the other place in Mumbai I’d go to only for the cocktails is Ruby Tuesday (Charles pointed out to us that the guy serving us bore some resemblance to jace. I agree. You decide).

FYI: Charles, Sanjay and Vighnesh went to the same school. Charles and Sanjay went to the same junior college. Charles, Edgar, Sanjay and I went to the same engineering college. If you were drunk I’d tell you to go figure.

Did I ever mention that I hate the idea of allowing markup in the subject field? Did I also mention that the RSS specification is badly written? (Why would people ask questions about using HTML in the title element of items in RSS then?) I probably also didn’t mention how easy it is for a woman—whom you remotely know only remotely—to screw up your relation with someone else? (Please note that I’ve had this experience with a woman only, as of now. And I’m not referring to women in general, but that woman; for obvious reasons I can’t mention the woman’s name, hence the specific generality.) Did I happen to mention that I’m not drunk? ... Ah well, I’m acting like a dumb-fuck now: I’m pretty sure I couldn’t possibly mention the last bit to you. Cheers to that. (If you’re drunk, you should go figure that too. If you’re really drunk, you should probably also try to figure what else I asked you to figure. If you’re not drunk, you probably figured that I’m drunk. Well, sorry, sir, I’m not drunk.... This business of figuring out can go on hopelessly, so I’ll leave this at that; go figure what you want to.)

Did I ever tell you that I hate lj-cut?

L-R: Ullas, Nikhil, Hanisha, Yashita, Venkat
Wednesday was my last at Pinstorm. We lunched at Pizzeria, Versova, on Thursday. Before I proceed any further, I should make it explicit that I feel kinda melancholic at the moment—this very moment: apart from the last-day-at-organization thing, I also just realized that this’ll be the first time I’ll be away from home for a long period.

I guess I have to write about how much fun I had here—at Pinstorm. But I guess I won’t.

Did I mention that on 13th Jan, 2004, at around 03:00 IST, for some time, I didn’t receive any mails from the various mailing lists that I’m subscribed to? Surely I didn’t tell you that I was dumb-fuck enough to assume that the world—well, the mailing list world, specifically—was affected by some kinda catastrophe and that people were running for shelter (don’t ask me where)? Since I probably didn’t mention the aforementioned facts before, I surely didn’t clarify that it was probably Gmail acting up?

Please don’t accept my apologies for the verbiage—such posts are meant to be like this.

I know for certain that I haven’t told you that I like listening to country music while driving—being driven, actually; I don’t know to drive—and once in a while when I’m typing. That’s the only genre of music my dad knows. Speaking of music, I now need an iPod. Or nothing. Or something—perhaps a good pair of headphones.

Speaking of speaking of music brings me to my current default userpic. I realize that it’s pretty cool. It’s a shot from the video of The Darkness’s “Love Is Only A Feeling”.

Enough is not having nothing more to write. Enough is enough.

Did anybody in Mumbai see the sky the day before? Bloody awesome. Whenever there’s something worthwhile to click, I don’t have my camera with me. (Or whenever I don’t have my camera, there’s something nice to shoot?) I have to trouble my poor phone camera.

I took the pic while on my way to R mall for some last-minute shopping. (I prefer Inorbit any day, but I had to meet my dad and stuff.) Some more pics »

We had to do some drinking in the night—and that’s exactly what we did: some drinking. Actually, it was too late (wine shops were closed... or maybe not... I was lazy anyway), so we had some Scotch that was lying around. (I hate every form of whisky, by the way.) My tummy (or some other part) felt weird. freegeek’s in Bangalore, which meant booze for dinner yesterday. Ditto in a few hours, I guess.

Are you wondering what happened to that enough-is-enough business? Well, you should. Or actually not.... Okay, enough is getting more than enough now.

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Hey Prem, you seem to be enjoying. We all really already miss you here.
Hey BTW, your user pic is from The Darkness song, "Love Is Only A Feeling" and not, "I Believe In a Thing Called Love".

Er... corrected. :)

Know the feeling of missing Bombay. Been a very long time, though.

Say, there used to be a Pizzeria right next to my house in Bandra. Might've been one of the first.

I don't remember there ever being a Pizzeria in Bandra.

Turner Road, around halfway between the S.V. Road junction and Jogger's Park, a little before Croissant's Etc. There used to be a Yankee Doodle over there first, I think.

We're talking way, way back here.

Yeah, I remember Yankee Doodle. I don't remember Pizzeria. That's the restaurant junction where Hong Kong bank used to be.

theres a Birdy's outlet now, i think.

the building next to tiffin/lemongrass/fireplace/pot pourri.

birdy's & pizzeria are both owned by mars.

Yup. That's the place. Nice Panner-crust pizzas. Oh boy.

(Deleted comment)
I've learnt that less talk often implies more write, and often the opposite too.

mondegar pic by me.
camera and upload by charles.

Hehe finally your RT post!

I know for certain that I haven’t told you that I like listening to country music while driving—being driven, actually; I don’t know to drive—
That's the most honest and sweet thing I've heard in a long time.

Hey, nobody can beat your RT post!

That's the most honest and sweet thing I've heard in a long time.

I feel kinda melancholic at the moment—this very moment

That might be better actually, if that's the end of it. It took a long time for the fact that I'd left Bombay and NCST to sink into me. When it did sink, it took me down with itself.

Charles, Vighy and Sanjay went to the same school, Charles and Sanjay went to the same junior college, Charles, Premshree and Eddd went to the same Engg College.

And finally Charles and Sanjay remained in the same division thru school,junior college and Engg college...

If I add that, the drunkards who try to figure out the stuff won't drink another day. :D

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