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Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog


Premshree Pillai
23 February 1983
70s, 80s, algorithms, art, art deco, bacardi, bacon, bacon and eggs, bangalore, bass, beer, bombay, boo radley, books, booze, boutique hotels, branding, burgers, cafes, chinese, chinese food, chinese women, chocolate truffles, chocolates, chopsticks, cities, classic rock, cloud clusters, cloud formations, clouds, cocktails, coffee, computational linguistics, computer science, computers, couples, design, doughnuts, draught beer, dream theater, dreaming, economics, english, estonia, europe, exclusiveness, f1, fashion, fish n chips, food, frappe, friends, functional programming, getting high on music, guitar, hacking, haskell, hip hop, holden caulfield, human beings, india, internet, irc, italian food, j.d. salinger, king diamond, language, languages, life, linguistics, linux, liqueurs, living, london, long hair, long walks, love, lovers, loving, marriages, masochism, meg ryan, miami, money, movies, new york, object-oriented programming, objectivism, open source advocacy, people, perl, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, pizzas, poetry, programming, programming as an art, programming languages, progressive rock, pubbing, pubs, python, reading, reading books at cafes, reasoning, rebol, ruby, sadism, scripting, semantic web, sex, sex and the city, sky, sleeping, social software, technology, television, tennis, tequila, texas panhandle, the coupling, thinking, travel, traveling, travelling, true love, underground rock, unix, walking, watches, web services, weddings, weird art, women, writing, xeni jardin, xml, yahoo